Viper scrubber dryers & SWEEPERS

AS 380/15

Viper AS 380/15 pedestrian scrubber dryer

Battery or mains powered micro pedestrian scrubber dryer with a 380mm cleaning width.

Fang 20HD

Viper Fang 20HD pedestrian scrubber dryer

Battery powered pedestrian scrubber dryer. Small and compact the Fang 20HD is light and easy to use, however with a variable pad pressure of up to 91KG it will clean tough and dirty environments.

With a 510mm cleaning width.


Viper AS 5160 pedestrian scrubber dryer

Battery powered pedestrian scrubber dryer available with or without traction.

The ergonomic design makes them easy to use and with their tank capacity / battery capacity they will clean for hours.

With a 510mm cleaning width.

AS 430 / 510


Battery or mains powered pedestrian scrubber dryers.

These machines are ideal for cleaning, hospitals, schools, retail outlets, garages etc.

With a 430mm or 510mm cleaning width.

Fang 24T/26T/28T

Viper Fang 24T 26T 28T pedestrian scrubber dryer

Battery powered mid to large range of pedestrian scrubber dryers.

With large capacity tanks and variable pad pressure of up to 91 KG these machines will clean the dirtiest of floors.

With 60.9mm / 66mm and 70.1mm cleaning widths.

Fang 32T



Large capacity pedestrian scrubber dryer.

With 115 litre tank capacity and a long battery run time the Fang 32T cleans large dirty environments with ease.

With a 800mm cleaning width.


Viper AS530R ride on scrubber dryer

The new mini ride on scrubber dryers that will clean large areas with ease.

Great for schools, hospitals, garages, warehouses and much much more.

With a 530mm cleaning width.


Viper AS710R ride on scrubber dryer

Viper floor scrubber AS710R. The mid range ride on scrubber dryer, great for cleaning areas larger than  5000m². 

With a 710mm cleaning width.


viper ps480 manual floor sweeper

The PS480 is the first manual push sweeper from Viper, offering you a robust and highly productive cleaning solution which is easy to use and available at a competitive price.